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"I can tell you who you are by the shoes you wear"
A way of changing the old italian saying: the shoes talk about us and about our character. This is true especially for women. To stand a pair of shoes is nearly impossible: they make you feel beautiful and elegant in one. Mimmo and Francesco Colella know this very well. With passion and devotion, they bring ahead the tradition of the italian brand “L'Estrosa”.

The company was born in the postwar period, in Campania. A small traditional factory with a handmade shoes production, only for women. Nowadays means a creative and easy-chic style, and stands out in the Italian shoes production and in the European and the foreign ones as well.
Every model represents the expression which perfectly meets fashion, high quality, smartness, design and great care of the details. All strictly Made in Italy.

L'Estrosa shoes are perfect for a dynamic woman which doesn't want to pass unnoticed. A woman who lives her daily routine fast and looks for something satisfying as far as leather, colours, comfort and perfect details are concerned.

One of the latest news relating L'Estrosa is the opening of the new showroom in Bologna, in Centergross, the great business district of fashion and glamorous brands.
Blocco 1 – Centergross - Via Dei Pellicciai, 7 - 40050 Funo di Argelato (BO)
P.Iva: 06939191216.
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